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What is a HNBC scholarship?

Our scholarship is an acknowledgement of the common goals we share in educating the next generation.

  • Scholarship/Bursary may be offered to students to provide a reduction on Tuition Fees.

  • Scholarship/Bursary may be awarded to exceptional students to: ensure the academic excellence of the school; provide role models for other students; celebrate excellence and enhance the education standard in the classroom; and to provide opportunities for appropriately qualified students who would not otherwise be able to attend the School for financial or family reasons.

  • Year levels for commencement of Scholarship/Bursary will be determined each year according to possible places available.

In addition:

  • Scholarship/Bursary will be awarded on merit (including independent testing by external facilitators)

  • Scholarship/Bursary will be open to existing HNPS students as well as new students to HNPS

  • Scholarship/Bursary awards are applied to Tuition fees only

How to apply

Read and understand the scholarship terms and conditions

Complete and return the scholarship application, with all relevant attachments

Attend the interview

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