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3 & 4 year old Kinder

Our unique school and Early Learning Centre aims to awaken young people's capacity to be wise and loving individuals. 

Through education, meditation and mindfulness practices, educators plant the seeds of compassion and understanding in every child. 

A focus on the Buddhist values, meaningful inquiry, a positive mindset and personal wellbeing nurture our students' seeds and help them blossom.

Hoa Nghiem Early Learning Centre supports students to enter society as global citizens who contribute with compassionate thoughts and actions.



Play is...

Play is a young child's way of learning.

Play is the way children make sense and meaning of the world around them and is the child's 'work'.

Engaging in play, children can explore, investigate, experiment and socialise, developing curiosity for learning and skills for life.

Our programs are designed to facilitate learning through play, allowing children to work to their ability with the freedom to challenge themselves.



At Hoa Nghiem Early Learning Centre we encourage the children to explore and engage with the world around them, to further develop an open mind, and strengthening the students' skills of deep listening, inquiry, respect, honesty and sincerity.

We also pay particular attention to developing a child's capacity to grow into a compassionate, wise and kind individual with an open heart and a deep connection to nature.


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What we offer

Students at Hoa Nghiem Early Learning Centre will have the opportunity to participate in variety of experience which are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and our school values.

Our curriculum is centred around developing a child holistically both academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually as well as connecting to the wise school community. As such, we value and nurture each child to grow into a kind and wise individual.

The students will encounter a range of experiences at their time at Hoa Nghiem Early Learning Centre, including:

Our curriculum is well rounded and offers opportunities to experience personal and academic success, and for the students to become effective and caring members of the community.

Through our Buddhist philosophy, we aim to awaken the seeds of wisdom that students will cultivate to become wise leaders demonstrating ethics of understanding in all aspects of life and succeed as global citizens connected to their communities.

We encourage you to explore and discover for yourself what Hoa Nghiem Early Learning Centre has to offer!

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