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About  Us



The Most Senior Venerable

Thich Thien Tam

Founders Message

"Understanding and love is not something that you gain, it exists like a seed in every child.

The Hoa Nghiem Buddhist College was founded as an environment where children can be awakened to their capacity to be wise and loving individuals. Through education, meditation and mindfulness practices, they will enter society as global citizens and contribute with compassionate thoughts and actions.” 

Our  Philosophy

Our Centre Philosophy has been developed over many years by many of our families, Educators and Centre Directors.

The philosophy that underpins HNBC's provision of outstanding education is manifested through our System Learning Approach which encompasses our purpose and focus, our spirit and values, as well as UNESCO's 4 dimensions of "Learning to Be" in the 21st Century.

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Our Focus 

Reverence for Life through Awakening the Seeds of Wisdom in each child.

Our Purpose 

Cultivating ‘Learning to Be' for a sustainable 21st Century through awakening the seeds to create humble and wise citizens in their local and global communities.

Children genuinely will begin to understand that they are not only part of their Hoa Nghiem Early Learning Centre (HNELC) community, but will also have the opportunity, through compassion and kindness, to express themselves and contribute to making Hoa Nghiem ELC a vibrant and harmonious place. 

Step by step, through learning experiences inspired by the Buddhist philosophy, educators will contribute to awaken the seeds of wisdom in each child. They will offer nurturing environments that will give children the opportunity to become wise human beings in every intention, decision and action they will take in their lives. 

Our Spirit 

Guided by Buddhist philosophy and its Reverence for Life principle, we offer nurturing education and care to early childhood.

In our Centre, the Buddhist principle of Reverence for Life begins with a deep understanding of the children in our care and their family context. Therefore, our first role as educators is to develop our own quality of being in order to listen with compassion to the situation and environment of families, and to observe and encourage the children meaningfully on their journey of 'Learning to Be' in the world.

Through a variety of learning experiences in line with the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Framework and ACECQA, our educators help children to become aware of their own intentions and actions, and how these influence their environment. A variety of activities are designed to enable them to better understand their inner world and to gradually experience and connect to a sense of gratitude and inner peace. In respect to their age development, children are also encouraged to discover the world around them and understand the variety of possibilities and adventures it may offer.

Our Inspiration from Nature

In Buddhist philosophy, Nature is regarded as a master of knowledge that has been sustainable for 3.8 billion years. Therefore, from an early age, the children in our care are offered experiences that allow them to learn not only about Nature, but also from Nature. They are encouraged to be grateful to Nature and its ecosystems by observing and inquiring about its natural wonders, whether it be a butterfly, a colony of ants or the wind blowing through their hair.

Our Philosophy
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