Hoa Nghiem ’s Curriculum Framework provides teachers and parents with a guide in the sense of ‘What do we want students to learn?’ It also provides a view on effective pedagogical approaches ‘How best will they learn?’, and includes guidelines on effective and appropriate assessment ‘How will we know what they have learned?’


Our goal at HNBC is to fostering a love of learning by combining contemporary education and Buddhist philosophies that promote wellbeing, a deep sense of self, confidence, innovation, critical thinking and a flourishing heart that has a profound reverence for life in all its forms. 


Our Pedagogical Practice


Critical Thinking

Facilitating critical thinkers who thrive when challenged; when given the opportunity, they inquire, construct and apply new knowledge


Growth Mindset

Through the Buddhist practice of Awareness and Meditation, strengthening personal wellbeing, promote a growth mindset and awaken a flourishing heart


Empowering Students

Supporting student centered learning and amplifying student voice and agency



Promoting sustainability for all living things through the Buddhist practice and the science of biomimicry


Practical Application

Enabling deep engagement and a strong sense of purpose in our learning through a focus on real-world connections and the practical application of life skills


At Hoa Nghiem Buddhist College, students learn to Awaken the seeds of Wisdom within them, to flourish as wise persons.

Every week, students learn Literacy and Numeracy, Awareness and Humanities, Science and Technology, Visual Art and Performing Art, Health and Sport, Vietnamese, Gardening and Cooking.

Being a part of Hoa Nghiem Buddhist College is also about growing intellectually and emotionally, physically and spiritually from our Systemic Learning Approach.


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