Current Available Positions:

Hoa Nghiem Primary School is a registered school and the first school in Melbourne to be founded on Buddhist principles. It opened in 2016 and in 2019 will have 44 students across most primary year levels. We are planning to operate 4 classes in 2019: Foundation / Year 1, Years 2, Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 with a specialist curriculum program in Visual Arts, Music. Physical Education and LOTE (Vietnamese). The PE program is supplemented by outside agencies (e.g. camp and swimming).

The school continues to grow and is expecting to reach an enrolment of 70 within the next 2-3 years. Our program is enriched by incursions and excursions.

Our induction program continues throughout the year and we provide extensive professional learning for teachers.

Our school vision has three key components:

  • Development: To become one of Australia’s most rigorous and innovative independent schools, known for achieving academic excellence, developing critical thinkers and demonstrating a strong community spirit.
  • Learning: To foster a deep, ongoing love of learning that will build a strong foundation for their future in high school and beyond.
  • Responsibility: Inspiring the next generation to become the pillars of their community, with a commitment to both their own growth and supporting others to achieve.

These components shape the structure of our school curriculum, and serve as a guide for all leadership and teaching staff at Hoa Nghiem Primary School. We nurture our students to be kind and wise individuals so that they may enter their adult lives as its peacemakers and problem solvers. Such behaviour begins in the school community, where staff, students, families and other members treat one another with kindness and respect.

The school supports students to excel in an inquiry-based academic program that is fully connected to the Victorian Curriculum in all learning areas. Varied learning opportunities are exploited through extra-curricular activities and specialist subjects that encourage team-work and creativity.


Our awareness program provides opportunities for students to reflect, think critically and debate issues as well as practice meditation and everyday mindfulness. We enhance student learning outcomes by maintaining a positive partnership that between teachers, parents and students.

All staff who are employed to work at Hoa Nghiem Primary School must hold a current registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) or a current Working With Children Check.

All staff are also required to acknowledge their commitment to the Hoa Nghiem Primary School Child Safe Policy.

All staff are to be familiar with the School policies and are expected to fully support the Buddhist philosophy of the School.

Position: Visual Art Specialist Teacher

Part-time contract (0.2 FTE)

Tenure: 29 January to 18 December 2019 (Term 1 to end of year 2019)

Job Description:

  •     Visual Art teacher
  •     Passion for teaching and student learning
  •     Excellent organisation skills and behaviour management skills
  •     Aptitude for collaboration and resourcefulness
  •     Demonstrates commitment and capacity to improve student learning outcomes
  •     Constructive relationships with students, parents and staff
  •     Commitment to contribute to school activities

The school supports students to excel in an inquiry-based academic program that is fully connected to the Victorian Curriculum in all learning areas.

We are asking the successful candidate to plan and deliver an engaging and sequential Arts curriculum that challenges student and, where applicable, be linked to our inquiry learning units. The Art teacher will showcase student work through displays and a biannual art show.

Job Requirements for position:

We guide our students to develop:

Independence and personal resilience
Strength of character
An awareness of, and interest in, social an environmental justice
Critical thinking skills
Academic excellence

Key Selection Criteria for all positions:

  •     A demonstrated ability to plan engaging, differentiated learning experiences in line with the Victorian Curriculum.
  •     A strong commitment to student well-being, including a capacity to manage student behaviour with kindness and compassion
  •     An understanding of small school educational settings and willingness to contribute to a range of activities and tasks.
  •     Demonstrated capacity to work harmoniously within a team and build positive partnerships with parents and school community members
  •     A university degree in teaching/education and VIT registration.

To apply for the position:

Please email the following to principal@hoanghiem.vic.edu.au, address to the Principal – Venerable Thich Phuoc Uyen.

  •     a current CV
  •     a cover letter
  •     a response to Key Selection Criteria
  •     minimum THREE referees

Hoa Nghiem Primary School is a Child Safe school.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE Tuesday 15 January 2019 at 4.00 pm .



Other position:

Teachers can also express their interest by email their CV and a letter of interest to