Specialist Subjects

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Our students are growing up in an increasingly technology-driven world. As educators, we understand the importance of developing sound knowledge of ICT tools. Explicit teaching of technology-based skills is embedded within many aspects of our curriculum. We also place equal emphasis on encouraging students to practice cybersafety and be responsible online citizens.

Health and Physical Education (PE)

It is widely known that both gross and fine motor skills are essential to students’ learning and ability to perform key tasks (such as handwriting). At Hoa Nghiem Primary School, we offer PMP (the Perceptual Motor Program) in the early years of your child’s schooling, in order to build core strength and basic fitness. At all year levels, students take part in physical activities through individual athletics practice, games and sports.

Health is also a fundamental part of our curriculum. Our Health program encourages the development of positive attitudes and the exploration and comparison of food choices. In the senior grades (Levels 5 and 6) we begin to look at the human body and develop positive body image, as well as considering the changing roles and responsibilities that students have as they mature.

Visual Arts

We recognise Art as a key part of the curriculum and an important outlet for creativity, especially for visual and physical learners. In many terms, our curriculum allows for the linking of Art units to other aspects of the teaching program in order to deepen learning and understanding. Students have a chance to work with a variety of materials from the more traditional (paint and clay) to exploring the use of technology in creation and design. We see the importance of supporting students to develop an ability to observe and respond to art from a young age, and provide an environment that is rich with visual and physical stimuli.

Language (Vietnamese)

The capacity to speak more than one language is becoming essential in this increasingly connected world, where many people will choose to study or work abroad. At Hoa Nghiem Primary School, we have important links to the Vietnamese community of Springvale, with the majority of our students being of Vietnamese descent.   A Vietnamese language program operates on a weekly basis at Hoa Nghiem Primary School.