Mission Statement

“I have always had this view about the modern education system: we pay attention to brain development, but the development of warm-heartedness we take for granted. Dalai Lama

Hoa Nghiem Primary School is Melbourne’s first school to be founded on Buddhist principles. Buddhism teaches the development of wisdom and compassion as a pathway to develop human potential.

There are three key components to our school vision:

  • Development: To become one of Australia’s most rigorous and innovative independent schools, known for achieving academic excellence, developing critical thinkers and demonstrating a strong community spirit.
  • Learning: To foster a deep, ongoing love of learning that will build a strong foundation for their future in high school and beyond.
  • Responsibility: Inspiring the next generation to become the pillars of their community, with a commitment to both their own growth and supporting others to achieve.

These components shape the structure of our school curriculum, and serve as a guide for all leadership and teaching staff at Hoa Nghiem Primary School.

We believe that our thoughts and actions, no matter how small, can affect those around us. Thus the principle of non-harm informs all aspects of our curricula. We nurture our students to be kind and wise individuals so that they may enter their adult lives as its peacemakers and problem solvers. Such behaviour begins in the school community, where staff, students, families and other members treat one another with kindness and respect. Our community facilitates peaceful communications and conflict resolution, reflective practices and emotional learning. Communication between staff and parents is integral to our sense of community. We foster a safe environment amid a spirit of sustainable co-existence.

Hoa Nghiem’s curriculum emphasises academic, personal and spiritual development in order to empower students to acquire the knowledge and skills that will support them as life-long learners and global citizens. The school supports students to excel in an inquiry-based academic program that is fully connected to the Australian Curriculum in all learning areas. Varied learning opportunities are exploited through extra-curricular activities and specialist subjects that encourage team-work and creativity. Our awareness program provides opportunities for students to reflect, think critically and debate issues as well as practice meditation and everyday mindfulness. We enhance student learning outcomes by maintaining a positive partnership that between teachers, parents and students. We share a common purpose and pride.

Students, families and staff of all and no faiths are welcome to join the Hoa Nghiem Primary School community. We believe that a diversity of spiritual traditions is necessary and may inform our students’ view of the world. We encourage opportunities to cultivate understanding and mutual respect among our community as foundations for an inclusive and harmonious society.