Our School


Hoa Nghiem Primary School encourages and supports students as individual learners from a Buddhist perspective. The school maintains a strong sense of Buddhist community values while providing an education program to children from Foundation to Grade 6. We aim to see students become learners for life by means of enquiry, critical thinking, creativity and perserverance and support students to achieve optimal levels in a broad range of curricular and co-curricular activities.



The essence of the Buddha’s teachings is simple and can be practiced in our daily lives. The Buddha’s teachings are known as, ‘the middle way’ because they are free from extremes.

Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh once reminds us that, ‘The mindfulness practices are very concrete. You cannot talk about them; you have to live them.

Hoa Nghiem Primary School’s students practice meditation every morning before class. Through meditation, we excercise mindfulness and reflect on our actions in the guidance of the Buddha’s Five Precepts.

We recognise the importance of literacy and numeracy in students’ early years of schooling. Our school caters for each individual student by providing a differentiated teaching and learning approach. Compassion and wisdom are also integral parts in promoting our school’s teaching and learning approach, we highly encourage students to bring the practice home and share with their families. We care to foster a love of learning and develop skills leading to independence and success on our students as we believe that knowledge leads to wisdom and this can be applied in their daily lives.

School Values:

  1. Open mind – Open Heart:

We understand that we are responsible for our personal peace and happiness. We practice deep listening as the key skill to develop understanding, compassion and empathy. Students also practice a child-friendly version of the Five Precepts: no killing, no stealing, no lying, respect for self and respect for others, especially the elderly. These are gates to protect children and nurture them towards an open mind and open heart.

  1. Right Mindfulness:

‘Right’ in this sense is not referring to right and wrong. It has been translated from the Pali word ‘’samma’’, which can be more accurately described as appropriate, mature or wise. We implement right mindfulness in our breathing, sitting, eating and learning in order to bring true happiness and improve the quality of our lives. Students are encouraged to explore their world and their future at the present moment: ‘here and now’.

  1. Inspiration:

Three Refuges

I take refuge in the Buddha, the one who shows me the way in this life.

I take refuge in the Dharma, the way of understanding and of love.

I take refuge in the Sangha, the community that lives in harmony and awareness.

We are inspired by the Three Refuges: by trusting in the Buddha, Buddhist teaching (Dharma) and Buddhist community leader (Sangha) as ‘the Way of life’. Hence, our students are nurtured through inspiration, and from that, their creativity blooms and they can better reach their potential.

  1. Confidence:

Each individual is in command of their own life. We encourage students to exhibit confidence and courage when opportunities arise. We desire our children to live ethical and moral lives and lead others to do the same.

  1. Team work:

We are proud to belong to the school community and respect its ethos and culture. By working together, we are stronger in mind, heart, and shared responsibility. We value our immediate community and seek to be effective global citizens.