Q: Do families need to be Buddhist to enroll their children at the school?

No. This is not a requirement of the school – in fact, many families attending the school are not practising Buddhists. It may, however, be valuable for the family to have an appreciation of the fundamental Buddhist values on which the school is founded.

These include:

– a focus on wisdom and compassion as a means to develop human potential

– ideals of loving kindness, tolerance, open-mindedness and peace-making

– the process of deep inquiry as a tool for developing the mind

– and a commitment to the ethical practice of peace.

Our school draws freely from these values and offers them in the spirit of spacious inquiry, as a philosophy for living. Children who attend Hoa Nghiem Primary School will meet representatives of the different Buddhist traditions as well as practitioners from other religious and spiritual traditions, as part of our commitment to a tolerant and harmonious multi-faith society.

Q: Will my child receive a quality academic education at an independent Buddhist philosophical primary school?

The simple answer is yes. Our programs support the pursuit of excellence in literacy, numeracy, social studies, science and technology and conform to the Victorian Curriculum.

We seek to instill the joy of learning across all subject areas and support this with an integrated curriculum that provides links between learning areas and supports the development of multiple intelligences.

Q: Will my child miss out on a range of social connections by attending a smaller school?

While it is true that there is less opportunity for a wide range of same-age connections at Hoa Nghiem Primary School than would exist at a larger school, our experience is that this is more than compensated by our culture of cross-age playing and learning. Older students have the opportunity to be class leaders whilst younger students can learn from responsible role models. The flexibility of social groupings at the school is further encouraged by our multi-age class settings which support our school culture of cultivating an open hearted and accepting attitude towards others.

Q: Does the school offer ‘Sunday School’ religious instruction?

Hoa Nghiem Primary School is a mainstream, independent primary school and as such, does not operate on the weekends. Please contact Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple for weekend classes.

Q: Does the school promote a Vegetarian diet?

To actively support our educational philosophy which recognises the interdependent nature of all life, we do encourage children to adopt a vegetarian diet while at school and our canteen will only serve vegetarian snacks and lunches. This approach supports the principle of non-harm that joins us with a common bond in community. However, children (and their parents) are in no way required to commit to a vegetarian lifestyle at home.  Bringing small amounts of meat to school (for example, in sandwiches) is permissible.

Q: Does the school have scope for providing for students with special needs?

After you register your interest, an interview with teaching staff and an assessment is organised. While Hoa Nghiem Primary School supports an inclusiveness policy in its approach as an education provider, the limitations of being a small population school with some limitations of access to resources are taken into account. The school has a commitment to forming supportive learning relationships between the student, their family and the school and exploring ways of supporting and providing for the individual needs of each student.

Q: Does the School offer a scholarship programme?

The Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple has a scholarship programme for students enrolled at Hoa Nghiem Primary School. Moreover, every endeavour is made to keep the fee structure accessible for families by providing a range of offers that discount our standard fees. Please contact the School Office for further information.

Q: Is the school zoned?

Hoa Nghiem Primary School is not zoned and accepts enrollments from all students.