Hoa Nghiem Primary School Board

The School Board is accountable to the Members of the school including students, parents, staff and the whole school community for the conduct, performance and culture of Hoa Nghiem Primary School (HNPS). The Board has a strategic role of setting the overall operational direction of HNPS and a stewardship role of ensuring that the school fulfils all legal, financial and educational obligations as a not-for-profit education provider.

It is the role of the School Board to provide strategic guidance for the School and to effectively oversee and review the School’s management. The School Board assesses the school’s functioning and accountability and integrity expected by our philosophical mentors in combination with fulfilling its legal and statutory obligations as set out by the Australian Government and the Victorian State Government.

Current School Board

Chair: Venerable Thich Thien Tam

Secretary: Mrs Trisa Trang Bui

Vice Secretary: Venerable Thich Phuoc Uyen

Member: Mr Chau Le

Member: Mr Hieu Nghia Nguyen

Member: Mr Tai Giang

Member: Mrs Yen Tran