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Dear Parents,

I was talking to the teachers this week who all remarked just how quickly the school year is ending. The children really like ending the school year with swimming which is such a valuable skill to have in the hot Australian summer.

By the time you read this newsletter the student reports will have been discussed with you at the interviews. I have read each child’s report and the overwhelming message is that of academic and social growth. Few students of the same age start at exactly the same point in each subject so it’s no surprise that they often end at different standards as well, but the important message is that they have grown in their skills and understandings. My hope is that is that as you walked out of your interview with the report that’s the message you remember.

For the younger students we started the home reading program earlier in the school year and that combined with a new phonics program (Sound Waves) seems to have had a big effect in English. I should also acknowledge the work of Layal Hanna, our speech therapist, who has worked weekly with some children as that also had a positive effect on their skills in English. We will extend the new phonics program into years 3 and 4 next year. For parents wanting to support some of the phonic “work” over the school holidays see the link below


Remember it’s supposed to be fun so the chants are useful here. If your shopping in the next few weeks a book makes a great gift – it could be one that you read to them.

The school is pleased to announce that in 2019 there will again be four classes with low class sizes: a F/1, a Year 2, a Year ¾ and a Year 5/6. We have retained three of our hard working and caring classroom teachers: Ms Turner, Ms Shannon and Ms Dawkins and are currently interviewing for the 4th classroom teacher. My thanks go to all the teachers who have embraced our curriculum changes as we continue to seek ways to better teach your children. For those teachers in changed roles or working in other schools next year we do thank you for all your efforts this year, its appreciated.

Our thanks also go to the school leadership (Principal Phuoc Uyen Thich), our dedicated team of office staff and our many caring volunteers who make Hoa Nghiem PS the welcoming and successful school that it is. We do hope to see many of you at the Year 6 Graduation ceremony and dinner next Wednesday evening (December 5th).

Finally, thanks to all your children for their willingness and capacity to learn, to make mistakes and grow, for your care of your school friends and the respect you show your teachers and parents.

Have an enjoyable school holiday and be safe on the roads and around water. I look forward to seeing you all again at the start of the 2019 school year.


Mark Walker

Curriculum Coach

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